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Realistic Self-Defense!

American Freestyle Martial Arts is our unique blended martial art that is self-defense focused. Building on the boxing / kickboxing foundation, this system draws heavily from Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino martial art of kali. In this system, students learn realistic fighting at all ranges of combat, including ground fighting, use of and defense against modern day weapons. This is a reality based self-defense system and progresses through belt rank for those wishing to pursue a Black Belt. 

Those wanting to train in this system must first start their training in our boxing /  kickboxing program. Once you have a foundation of basic footwork, punches and kicks, you will be invited to train in American Freestyle classes.   


  1. You must schedule your class.

  2. We don't have free trials. Your training starts from day one.

  3. We train ages 13 and up.

  4. Camps and Private Lessons must be paid before you are scheduled.

  5. Click on the Products / Packages link to see prices and make your purchase.

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