Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy is located 15 minutes east of downtown Pittsburgh and offers boxing classes, kickboxing training, muay Thai and self-defense classes near Monroeville, PA










Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy is the area's best source for reality based self-defense, boxing training and kickboxing classes. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions. If your question still isn't answered, email Bob@PittsburghBoxing.com  

Do you train women? Yes, we have women who train for fitness, for the knowledge and we even train female fighters.

Do you train kids?
No. At this time, we are only accepting teens and adults (13+).

Do I have to sign a contract?

If I only want to / am able to come to one class per week, can I pay less?
No. But... No. What if... Still no.

When can I join?
RIGHT NOW. We have a continuous, open enrollment, you can join anytime.

What gear / uniforms / stuff will I have to buy?
Everyone needs handwraps ($10), mouth piece ($3 - $10) and guys need a cup ($17 and up, depending on style). DO NOT BUY GEAR AT A SPORTING GOODS STORE. We use specific gear, that we get good prices on. Get it from us or from an approved supplier AFTER TALKING TO US. People taking American Freestyle will need to purchase a uniform that is also pretty cheap depending on the style you pick.

Can I fight?
If you train hard and smart and listen to your Coach, you'll be able to discuss fighting with us in 6 - 12 months. You will also have to pass a test. IT IS NOT UP TO YOU WHEN YOU FIGHT. 

Do you spar?
Yes. Sparring is vital. You will not be allowed to spar when you first join and you will never be forced to spar.

Can I just spar?
No, go away. Fighters and Coaches from other LEGIT GYMS (not a workout or garage group) can make arrangements to come in for sparring.

Are there belts / ranks? Can I get a Black Belt from your school?
Boxing and Kickboxing have no belt ranks but you will be able to test to wear the gym trunks. American Freestyle Martial Arts has belt ranks similar to karate or jiu jitsu and you can earn a black belt in that system.

How do I join? Read the entire website, call or email to schedule your first lesson, show up on time with cash, check or credit card for your first month's payment ($90). Easy peazy. 



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