Norwin area boxing and kickboxing at Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy in North Huntingdon, PA

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Boxing and Kickboxing Classes!

Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy trains boxers and kickboxers for both competition and just for fun and fitness, the choice is yours. You can train with no sparring and just focus on skill development, hitting bags and mitts and you will still receive the same quality instruction from a coach as if you were one of our fighters. For those that choose the competition path, you will be invited to spar after you have reached a level of proficiency and have been approved by a coach. Safety is always a priority. 

The boxing and kickboxing classes follow the same format but cover new lessons each class so you can train and progress without getting bored like a regular gym. In class, you will jump rope, shadowbox, do partner and solo drills, hit heavy bags, speed bags, double-end bags and work focus mitts. All at your own pace, learning new techniques as your skill and fitness level can handle it.

Learn the sweet science of Western / Olympic-style boxing's footwork, evasion, defense, offense, ring strategy and more as you have fun and get in shape.

Our blended kickboxing system builds on the foundation of western boxing and pulls techniques of karate, muay thai, san da and savate into a truly unbeatable blend of the best.

Group Class Schedule. You can train Boxing or Kickboxing, the schedule is the same. If you want to train American Freestyle Martial Arts (self-defense), you will still start in the boxing / kickboxing program to learn the footwork and basic punches and kicks before moving to the American Freestyle Martial Arts curriculum.


  1. You must schedule your class.

  2. We don't have free trials. Your training starts from day one.

  3. We train ages 13 and up.

  4. Camps and Private Lessons must be paid before you are scheduled.

  5. Click on the Products / Packages link to see prices and make your purchase.

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