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NEW! Boxing Basics Bootcamp

If you're new to boxing and looking for a challenge, this is the program for you. Each Camp is a 10-week course designed to take you from absolute beginner to having a solid foundation of boxing skills. This is NOT a typical fitness bootcamp that just takes you through random workouts. It is a properly programmed, gradual course where you are actually learning as you go. Anyone can lead a class that makes you sore. In our camps, you'll see the difference having an actual boxing coach makes in helping you reach your goals.

All Camps Are Limited to 10 People. Reserve your spot ASAP!

Upcoming Camps: 

Starting AUGUST 6TH 

Morning - Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5am

Night - Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7pm



  1. You must schedule your class.

  2. We don't have free trials. Your training starts from day one.

  3. We train ages 13 and up.

  4. When the schedule says Boxing AND Kickboxing, it just means that they train at the same time, not that you have to do both

  5. Camps and Private Lessons must be paid before you are scheduled.

  6. Click on the Products / Packages link to see prices and make your purchase.

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