Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy is located 15 minutes east of downtown Pittsburgh and offers boxing classes, kickboxing training, muay Thai and self-defense classes near Monroeville, PA










Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy offers boxing training, kickboxing lessons and the Pittsburgh area's most realistic self-defense training in East Pittsburgh, near Monroeville, Forest Hills, North Versailles, and Turtle Creek.

Hands down, the best deal in Pittsburgh! You can train up to 6 days a week, in all programs we offer FOR NO EXTRA FEES. Lots of gyms / martial arts schools claim to match or beat our price but they're not matching the amount OR quality of training we offer. We don't charge start-up fees, THEY DO. We don't charge testing fees, THEY DO. We don't require you to sign a contract, THEY DO. We don't charge more if you want to add training days or try one of the other programs, THEY DO. We have ZERO hidden charges. PLEASE shop around, then give us a call to get started!

Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy is your source for quality training in the Pittsburgh area! New gyms pop up all the time - and most close within a couple years. Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy has been offering boxing, kickboxing and self-defense training in the Pittsburgh area for 35 years!

When you train here you get a professional facility, professional training and a great atmosphere for learning. You can train for competition, for fitness, for your safety or just for the fun of it! No experience is necessary and you can get started anytime. 

Pittsburgh martial Arts & Boxing Academy offers training to women for boxing, kickboxing and womens self-defense training in East Pittsburgh  Children are welcome Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy, located in East Pittsburgh, near Monroeville. We offer kids boxing, kickboxing and youth self-defense training.

We offer training in Olympic-Style Boxing, a blended Kickboxing Program that draws from boxing, muay Thai and American Kickboxing  / Karate and our street-oriented, self-defense training called American Freestyle Martial Arts

We have a continuous open enrollment so you can join ANYTIME. However, class size is restricted so get in to reserve your spot today!

This isn't your typical gym! This isn't your kid's karate class, we don't "train" 4 year olds and when someone at this gym calls themselves a kickboxing instructor, it means they've actually fought in kickboxing matches. The training we do here is hardcore and the techniques we teach are proven.

Our martial arts school maintains this hardcore environment while still being welcoming and supportive. There are no tough guy attitudes allowed and everyone is welcome. 

 Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy trains actual fighters in boxing, kickboxing muay thai. You can train for fitness, for knowlegde, for competition or just for fun!


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